NGTC Car Stats

Working alongside the Touring Car Register, we’ve put together a detailed database of information on each NGTC chassis to have raced in the BTCC since the first car appeared on track back in 2011.

As well as collating information on each model to have raced, we’ve also put together an archive of statistics for each individual chassis that has raced, including who drove the car, how many points they scored and even how many laps they led.

It also gives an insight into how the different cars have evolved – particularly in the case of the FK2 Hondas, which have run as Hatchback, Tourers and Type-Rs.

Below you’ll be able to see an overview of each different model that has been built to the NGTC regulations, before a more detailed breakdown of the different chassis – showing which remain active at the current time and which have effectively been ‘retired.’

Clicking the link for each model in the table will provide access to more detailed chassis statistics.


Active Chassis List:

BMW 330i M SportColin TurkingtonG20-023-01751216711231825
BMW 330i M SportStephen JelleyG20-023-024661313108435
BMW 330i M SportTom OliphantG20-023-03742100374516
BMW 330i M SportAdam MorganG20-023-0418240043144
BMW 330i M SportTom ChiltonG20-023-05180000024
CUPRA LeonJack GoffWPMS-NGTC-075180100071
CUPRA LeonNicolas HamiltonWPMS-NGTC-07617000000
CUPRA LeonAron Taylor-SmithWPMS-NGTC-077180000015
CUPRA LeonJack MitchellWPMS-NGTC-08217000000
Ford FocusOllie JacksonMBP-2020-00745240029193
Ford FocusSam OsborneMBP-2020-00845382272291
Ford FocusPaul RivettMBP-2020-00941000003
Ford FocusJake HillMBP-2020-0101805005171
Honda Civic (FK8)Gordon SheddenNGTC-18-0011052181436768
Honda Civic (FK8)Dan RowbottomNGTC-18-002105934471301004
Honda Civic (FK8)Senna ProctorNGTC-18-0037518108343
Honda Civic (FK8)Josh CookNGTC-18-00475916113189647
Honda Civic (FK8)Jade EdwardsNGTC-18-0054503008185
Hyundai i30 Fastback NJack ButelWPMS-NGTC-0704401000144
Hyundai i30 Fastback NChris SmileyWPMS-NGTC-0714501003189
Hyundai i30 Fastback NTom IngramWPMS-NGTC-07918350218180
Hyundai i30 Fastback NRick ParfittWPMS-NGTC-08018000000
Infiniti Q50Carl BoardleyWPMS-NGTC-0684500000130
Infiniti Q50Ash SuttonWPMS-NGTC-06945916212107560
Infiniti Q50Aiden MoffatWPMS-NGTC-0811801000114
Toyota CorollaSam SmeltSWM-0027571525147573
Toyota CorollaRory ButcherSWM-00418120212136
Vauxhall AstraDan LloydPMR 17-011083112678684
Vauxhall AstraJason PlatoPMR 17-031801000113

Inactive Chassis List:

Alfa Romeo Giulietta-WPMS-NGTC-04630020014126
Audi A4-RAR 0019301013127
Audi A4-RAR 00289161236296
Audi A4-RAR 00360140135267
Audi S3-WPMS NGTC 01118001002141
Audi S3-WPMS NGTC 025115120143209
BMW 125i M Sport-F21-2013-01199620110781153
BMW 125i M Sport-F21-2013-0217919495214061675
BMW 125i M Sport-F21-2013-031765180168824
BMW 125i M Sport-F21-2015-0490732014113961
Chevrolet Cruze -RML (Unknown)27000000
Chevrolet Cruze -RML 128 001/1312701014247
Chevrolet Cruze -RML 128 002/1390010011168
Ford Focus-MBP-001-2012160170226507
Ford Focus-MBP-002-201214605001259
Ford Focus-MBP-003-20135301002190
Ford Focus-MBP-004-20141641329473001236
Ford Focus-MBP-005-20151344160580775
Ford Focus-MBP-006-20177200000168
Honda Civic (FK2)-NGTC-12-00115192424108887
Honda Civic (FK2)-NGTC-12-00214920561222281496
Honda Civic (FK2)-NGTC-12-00314011286142081145
Honda Civic (FK2)-NGTC-12-004185382435610
Honda Civic (FK2)-NGTC-12-0051171033281131081
Honda Civic (FK2)-NGTC-12-006205423831141066
Honda Civic (FK2)-NGTC-12-0079081927128710
Honda Civic (FK2)-NGTC-12-00830120116152
Infiniti Q50-GPRM NGTC 0142800000-2
Infiniti Q50-GPRM NGTC 015240100041
Mercedes Benz A-Class-GPRM NGTC 0171774130988763
Mercedes Benz A-Class-GPRM NGTC 018132370271501
Mercedes Benz A-Class-GPRM NGTC 0191164171356780
MG6 GT-V2012-C-0510-00123421935661101
MG6 GT-V2012-C-0510-002229224815173821672
MG6 GT-V2012-C-0510-003420000072
Proton Gen-2-WPMS NGTC 00911800000156
Proton Gen-2-WPMS NGTC 0105900000-20
Subaru Levorg GT-BMR 039-01556151474379
Subaru Levorg GT-BMR 039-0211581535149583
Subaru Levorg GT-BMR 039-03712142289402
Subaru Levorg GT-BMR 039-041165113474373
Toyota Avensis-GPRM NGTC 0018700000297
Toyota Avensis-GPRM NGTC 002550001053
Toyota Avensis-GPRM NGTC 00314405042391
Toyota Avensis-GPRM NGTC 0041130000085
Toyota Avensis-GPRM NGTC 00599131012253
Toyota Avensis-GPRM NGTC 008600000038
Toyota Avensis-HMS 00160151017303
Toyota Avensis-SWM 00112092627197995
Vauxhall Astra-PMR 17-02108150311364
Vauxhall Insignia-WPMS NGTC 001570000023
Vauxhall Insignia-WPMS NGTC 0044501000141
Volkswagen CC-RML 131 001/1319909110452
Volkswagen CC-RML 131 002/13182120113243
Volkswagen CC-RML 131 003/1415261216104514
Volkswagen CC-RML 131 004/1416371425109740