NGTC Driver Stats

Since the introduction of the Next Generation Touring Car Championship regulations into the BTCC, over 100 drivers have now competed in the series at the wheel of NGTC cars.

Some of these drivers have only contested a single meeting whilst a select group have now taken to the grid more than 200 times.

Below you’ll be able to see a table of every driver to have started at least one race in an NGTC-spec car – meaning no place for the likes of Dave Pinkney and Mark Hazell who were both entered to compete but never actually took the start.

As well as searching for your favourite driver, you can sort who has the most wins, poles, podiums, fastest laps, laps led and who has scored the most points.

Abbott, Hunter860001081
Austin, Rob229318241051011
Barley, Tom3000000
Belcher, Simon48000001
Blundell, Mark30000005
Boardley, Carl910000052
Boardman, Tom150000014
Bratt, Will410000070
Brown, Ollie9000003
Burns, Will25000000
Bushell, Mike7700010106
Butcher, Rory1681030582001299
Butel, Jack89000007
Caine, Michael310000024
Cammish, Dan1291139571831205
Caygill, Josh6000000
Chilton, Tom1813160588947
Clarke, Jack300100150
Coates, Max3000000
Cole, James144111216209
Collard, Ricky51010023167
Collard, Rob191831061101381
Cook, Josh24518373213451722
Crees, Michael8600000111
Davenport, Luke12000006
Depper, Martin11900010117
Doble, Mikey90000012
Donnelly, Martin3000000
Edwards, Jade71000002
Epps, Michael6000000100
Fletcher, Kelvin24000000
Foster, Nick62000011203
Fuller, Howard6000006
Gallagher, Kieran19000004
Gamble, George39120024149
Geddie, Glynn440000017
Gilham, Tony24000004
Giovanardi, Fabrizio3001002138
Goff, Jack26252166981239
Gornall, James190000020
Halstead, Nick12000004
Hamilton, Nicolas1260000011
Hammerton, Ethan12000000
Hand, Ash300000055
Hawken, Richard3000000
Hawkins, Jess6000000
Hill, Jake206634291481300
Hines, Luke6000000
Holland, Robb35000007
Horne, Barry3000003
Howard, Mark3000000-3
Huff, Rob301002026
Hughes, Tony410000014
Hynes, Marc300000054
Ingram, Tom27626676264952509
Jackson, Mat1501333382921378
Jackson, Ollie262250031490
Jelley, Stephen184270150582
Jordan, Andrew23923596204032350
Lines, Stewart75000000
Lloyd, Daniel111480377534
Martin, Alex54000003
Menu, Alain3202000177
Mitchell, Jack21000000
Moffat, Aiden2774131289974
Morgan, Adam33111381132062175
Nash, James9000006
Neal, Matt26420694132422421
Neate, Andy8400001082
Newsham, Dave12402004477
O'Neill, Paul80000036
Oliphant, Tom1202100474598
Onslow-Cole, Tom3603000152
Osborne, Sam1260100083
Palmer, Derek2800000-2
Parfitt, Rick53000000
Patterson, Dexter390000011
Pearson, Ronan9000000
Philpot, Bradley3000000
Pidgley, Ollie11000000
Plato, Jason295297217235702397
Powell, Will30000000
Priaulx, Andy27282238247
Price, Josh45000109
Proctor, Senna1432102210629
Rivett, Paul12000001
Rowbottom, Dan9916339447
Scott, Warren880000049
Shedden, Gordon24031894343902611
Simpson, Matt117121115184
Smelt, Sam60000005
Smiley, Chris162160119573
Smith, Brett450111083
Smith, Jeff12302119400
Smith, Rob29000002
Stockton, Chris27000000
Strandberg, Dennis3000000
Sutton, Ashley21631688334392247
Swanwick, Chris6000000
Taylor-Smith, Aron2133161344866
Thompson, Bobby11902010253
Thorne, John4000000
Tordoff, Sam1708327132021466
Turkington, Colin3034511518488293454
Watson, Andrew90000017
Welch, Dan14300000136
Whorton-Eales, Ant320000140
Wilmot, Andy16000000
Wood, Lea280000010
Wrathall, Frank82171212314