The NGTC Era

The NGTC era came into effect in the BTCC during the 2011 season when the first cars built to the series’ Next Generation Touring Car regulations made their debuts on track.

Since 2014, the grid has been filled by NGTC-specification cars, with well over 50 individual chassis having now appeared on track in a variety of forms.

We’ve worked to put together a detailed list of statistics covering the era covering drivers, brands and even individual chassis – so if there is a statistic around the NGTC era that you want to uncover, then this is the place to find it….

Driver Statistics:

Over 80 different drivers have done battle on track in NGTC-spec machinery since it was introduced into the BTCC and we’ve trawled through the results from 2011 onwards to put together a detailed list of what each of those drivers have achieved.

We’ve looked at everything from race starts to race wins, and from pole positions to how many points have been scored.

If you think we’ve missed something out, then simply drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do to add it into the mix.

Car Statistics:

We’ve also put a lot of time into examining the various different cars that have competed on track since the NGTC rules were brought into play – and it’s very much an ongoing process.

As well as looking at each brand and the different variants of cars that have been used, we’ve also worked with the guys at the Touring Car Register to put together data on each individual chassis to have raced