Fastest Laps

DriverTeamFastest Laps
Josh CookBTC Racing7
Ash SuttonLaser Tools Racing5
Colin TurkingtonWest Surrey Racing4
Tom IngramEXCELR8 Trade Price Cars3
Gordon SheddenTeam Dynamics3
Rory ButcherSpeedworks Motorsport2
Jake HillMB Motorsport2
Dan RowbottomTeam Dynamics2
Tom ChiltonCiceley Motorsport1
Andrew JordanTOCA / Cosworth / M-Sport1

* – Andrew Jordan posted the fastest lap in race two at Silverstone was not able to score, so the bonus point went to Senna Proctor

By Speed:

RoundCircuitDriverTeamSpeed (KPH)Speed (MPH)
1ThruxtonJosh CookBTC Racing178.42110.87
2ThruxtonJosh CookBTC Racing178.53110.93
3ThruxtonJosh CookBTC Racing173.67107.91
4SnettertonColin TurkingtonWest Surrey Racing147.5791.70
5SnettertonAsh SuttonLaser Tools Racing147.2791.51
6SnettertonGordon SheddenTeam Dynamics145.8890.65
7Brands Hatch IndyGordon SheddenTeam Dynamics143.4789.15
8Brands Hatch IndyJosh CookBTC Racing142.1588.33
9Brands Hatch IndyRory ButcherSpeedworks142.9588.83
10Oulton ParkDan RowbottomTeam Dynamics148.6992.39
11Oulton ParkTom IngramEXCELR8 Trade Price Cars149.8693.12
12Oulton ParkTom IngramEXCELR8 Trade Price Cars149.9193.15
13KnockhillColin TurkingtonWest Surrey Racing143.9189.42
14KnockhillAsh SuttonLaser Tools Racing143.5289.18
15KnockhillRory ButcherSpeedworks142.3688.46
16ThruxtonJosh CookBTC Racing178.99111.22
17ThruxtonJosh CookBTC Racing178.68111.03
18ThruxtonTom IngramEXCELR8 Trade Price Cars178.12110.68
19CroftJosh CookBTC Racing147.1891.45
20CroftTom ChiltonCiceley Motorsport147.1591.43
21CroftAsh SuttonLaser Tools Racing147.6291.73
22SilverstoneAsh SuttonLaser Tools Racing164.96102.50
23SilverstoneAndrew JordanTOCA / Cosworth / M-Sport163.75101.75
24SilverstoneJake HillMB Motorsport164.29102.09
25Donington ParkAsh SuttonLaser Tools Racing164.47102.20
26Donington ParkColin TurkingtonLaser Tools Racing164.92102.48
27Donington ParkColin TurkingtonWest Surrey Racing164.98102.51
28Brands Hatch GPGordon SheddenTeam Dynamics154.596.00
29Brands Hatch GPDan RowbottomTeam Dynamics154.9796.29
30Brands Hatch GPJake HillMB Motorsport153.9895.68