• Tyres used: Prime, Hard
  • Race 1 Selections: Ash Sutton, Tom Chilton, Mike Bushell, Sam Smelt, Jake Hill, ran the option for the first time. Rory Butcher, Jack Goff and Tom Ingram ran it for the second time. Adam Morgan completed his allocation for race one.
  • Race 2 Selections: Chris Smiley and Brett Smith ran the option tyre for the first time, Rob Collard, Tom Oliphant, Aiden Moffat, James Cole, Dan Lloyd, Michael Caine ran it a second time.
  • Race 3 Selections: Tom Boardman and Stephen Jelley ran the option tyre for the first time. Colin Turkington, Senna Proctor, Matt Neal, Dan Cammish, Josh Price, Ollie Jackson, Josh Cook, Andrew Jordan, Jason Plato, Matt Simpson and Sam Tordoff ran it a second time. ROb Austin completed his allocation..
  • Wins shared between the Hard and Prime
  • Fastest lap of the weekend on the Hard tyre, although it was the slower option in both the second and third races
WinnerTyrePrime LapHard Lap
R1Sutton, AshHard1:25.725, Plato1:25.633, Sutton
R2Sutton, AshSoft1:26.066, Turkington1:26.704, Oliphant
R3Lloyd, DanSoft1:26.213, Lloyd1:26.481, Jordan

Race Laps:

  • There were a total of 1378 laps at Croft – mostly on the Prime tyre given dry conditions throughout the weekend
  • All drivers completed laps on the Prime tyre, with Rob Austin completing the fewest on 15
  • All drivers completed laps on the Hard tyre, with Jake Hill completing the fewest on 2
  • The maximum number of total laps across the weekend was 47
  • The maximum number of laps on the Prime was 32 for those drivers who ran it in Race 1
  • The maximum number of laps on the Hard was 17 for those drivers who ran it in Race 1
1Sutton, AshBMR Racing30017047
2Turkington, ColinWest Surrey Racing32015047
3Chilton, TomMotorbase30017047
5Collard, RobWest Surrey Racing32013045
6Butcher, RoryAmD30017047
11Austin, RobHMS Racing1507022
12Boardman, TomAmD23015038
14Nash, JamesBTC Norlin Racing00000
15Oliphant, TomCiceley Motorsport32015047
16Moffat, AidenLaser Tools Racing29015044
18Proctor, SennaPower Maxed Racing32015047
19Thompson, BobbyTeam HARD32014046
20Cole, JamesMotorbase32015047
21Bushell, MikeTeam HARD20017037
22Smiley, ChrisBTC Norlin Racing22015037
23Smelt, SamAmD30017047
24Hill, JakeTeam HARD3002032
25Neal, MattTeam Dynamics32015047
26Lloyd, DanBTC Norlin Racing32015047
27Cammish, DanTeam Dynamics32015047
28Price, JoshBMR Racing28015043
31Goff, JackEurotech Racing25017042
33Morgan, AdamCiceley Motorsport30010040
39Smith, BrettEurotech Racing29015044
44Caine, MichaelTeam HARD3209041
48Jackson, OllieAmD32015047
60Jelley, StephenTeam Parker16015031
66Cook, JoshPower Maxed Racing22015037
77Jordan, AndrewWest Surrey Racing32015047
80Ingram, TomSpeedworks30017047
99Plato, JasonBMR Racing32015047
303Simpson, MattSimpson Racing32015047
600Tordoff, SamMotorbase32015047

Laps Led:

  • Ash Sutton led the most laps across the weekend as was the only driver to lead on the Hard tyre
  • Dan Lloyd led the most laps on the Prime
  • 30 laps were led on the Prime Tyre compared to 17 laps on the Hard
Sutton, AshBMR Racing14017031
Ingram, TomSpeedworks10001
Lloyd, DanBTC Norlin1500015

Places Gained:

  • A total of 257 places were gained across the weekend
  • Most positions were gained on the Prime tyre
  • Rob Collard gained the most on the Prime (18)
  • Josh Cook gained the most on the Hard (14) – that was the second meeting in a row where Cook had made up the most places on the option tyre
1Sutton, AshBMR Racing20002
2Turkington, ColinWest Surrey Racing30205
3Chilton, TomMotorbase1102013
5Collard, RobWest Surrey Racing1800018
6Butcher, RoryAmD30003
11Austin, RobHMS Racing1700017
12Boardman, TomAmD508013
14Nash, JamesBTC Norlin Racing00000
15Oliphant, TomCiceley Motorsport20305
16Moffat, AidenLaser Tools Racing0011011
18Proctor, SennaPower Maxed Racing30306
19Thompson, BobbyTeam HARD606012
20Cole, JamesMotorbase30003
21Bushell, MikeTeam HARD00000
22Smiley, ChrisBTC Norlin Racing605011
23Smelt, SamAmD10708
24Hill, JakeTeam HARD40004
25Neal, MattTeam Dynamics80008
26Lloyd, DanBTC Norlin Racing30003
27Cammish, DanTeam Dynamics901010
28Price, JoshBMR Racing30508
31Goff, JackEurotech Racing30508
33Morgan, AdamCiceley Motorsport1700017
39Smith, BrettEurotech Racing00707
44Caine, MichaelTeam HARD90009
48Jackson, OllieAmD20305
60Jelley, StephenTeam Parker1104015
66Cook, JoshPower Maxed Racing2014016
77Jordan, AndrewWest Surrey Racing50005
80Ingram, TomSpeedworks10203
99Plato, JasonBMR Racing00000
303Simpson, MattSimpson Racing1002012
600Tordoff, SamMotorbase00000