• Tyres used: Prime, Soft, Wet
  • No race winner on the Prime tyre
  • Fastest lap of the weekend on the Prime tyre
WinnerTyrePrime LapSoft LapWet Lap
R1Goff, JackWetN/AN/A55.849, Cook
R2Proctor, SennaSoft49.790s, Hill49.757, Proctor53.450, Tordoff
R3Ingram, TomSoft48.500s, Turkington48.898, NealN/A

Race Laps:

  • There was a total of 2349 race laps at Brands Hatch – mostly on the Wet tyre given the conditions with only limited Prime running due to people carrying the soft over
  • Only 13 drivers ran the Prime tyre
  • Sam Tordoff was the only driver not to run the soft – having gone to the grid on it in race one
  • Motorbase was the only team not to get a race distance from the soft tyre
  • Tom Chilton (21W, 5P) was the only driver to run wet and dry tyres in race two. Mike Bushell and Colin Turkington both changed before a racing lap
Smelt, SamAmD0275380
Jackson, OllieAmD27272781
Boardman, TomAmD27272781
Butcher, RoryAmD27272781
Sutton, AshBMR Racing0275481
Plato, JasonBMR Racing0275481
Price, JoshBMR Racing0255479
Nash, JamesBTC Norlin Racing075461
Smiley, ChrisBTC Norlin Racing0275481
Oliphant, TomCiceley Motorsport0274572
Morgan, AdamCiceley Motorsport0275481
Goff, JackEurotech Racing0275481
Smith, BrettEurotech Racing0275481
Austin, RobHMS Racing2727660
Moffat, AidenLaser Tools Racing27272781
Tordoff, SamMotorbase2705279
Cole, JamesMotorbase015455
Chilton, TomMotorbase5254878
Proctor, SennaPower Maxed Racing27272579
Cook, JoshPower Maxed Racing0274572
Simpson, MattSimpson Racing2727054
Ingram, TomSpeedworks0275481
Cammish, DanTeam Dynamics0275481
Neal, MattTeam Dynamics2427051
Bushell, MikeTeam HARD2727054
Hill, JakeTeam HARD27242677
Thompson, BobbyTeam HARD0274976
Caine, MichaelTeam HARD0275481
Jelley, StephenTeam Parker0272754
Collard, RobWest Surrey Racing015354
Jordan, AndrewWest Surrey Racing0275481
Turkington, ColinWest Surrey Racing27262780

Laps Led:

  • Tom Ingram led the most laps overall but using two tyres
  • Jack Goff led most laps on a single tyre
  • No leader on the prime
Ingram, TomSpeedworks0161329
Goff, JackEurotech Racing002828
Austin, RobHMS Racing011011
Jordan, AndrewWest Surrey Racing0077
Moffat, AidenLaser Tools Racing0404
Proctor, SennaPower Maxed Racing0202

Places Gained:

  • A total of 428 places were gained across the weekend
  • Most positions gained on the soft tyre followed by the wet and the prime
  • Mike Bushell gained most on the prime (24)
  • Senna Proctor gained most on the soft (26)
  • Josh Cook gained most on the wet (13)
Bushell, MikeTeam HARD243027
Proctor, SennaPower Maxed Racing026026
Boardman, TomAmD0141024
Simpson, MattSimpson Racing024024
Austin, RobHMS Racing230023
Hill, JakeTeam HARD230023
Jackson, OllieAmD091120
Sutton, AshBMR Racing081119
Turkington, ColinWest Surrey Racing180119
Neal, MattTeam Dynamics117018
Morgan, AdamCiceley Motorsport011718
Cook, JoshPower Maxed Racing051318
Butcher, RoryAmD141116
Ingram, TomSpeedworks010515
Tordoff, SamMotorbase50813
Nash, JamesBTC Norlin Racing001212
Moffat, AidenLaser Tools Racing09312
Thompson, BobbyTeam HARD04812
Plato, JasonBMR Racing03912
Oliphant, TomCiceley Motorsport011011
Caine, MichaelTeam HARD0099
Jelley, StephenTeam Parker0909
Smelt, SamAmD0088
Price, JoshBMR Racing0088
Smiley, ChrisBTC Norlin Racing0167
Jordan, AndrewWest Surrey Racing0426
Cole, JamesMotorbase0055
Cammish, DanTeam Dynamics0505
Collard, RobWest Surrey Racing0044
Chilton, TomMotorbase0123
Goff, JackEurotech Racing0202
Smith, BrettEurotech Racing0000